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Anyone remember Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt? My dad and I were partial to the boysenberry and their coffee flavor. I must have had hundreds of boysenberry fruit on the bottom yogurts as a child and I so fondly remember that sweet taste and smell. This first candle is an ode to that boysenberry goodness. 


For my 5th grade birthday party my parents took my friends and me to Shorty’s in the Flats (Cleveland) where we all wore our homemade poodle skirts, saddle shoes and ponytails and sipped on vanilla Cokes or thick milkshakes. The waitresses stood on the bar and sang along with the Jukebox to “Stop in the Name of Love”. This candle smells just like an old-fashioned diner milkshake, more complex than your standard vanilla with hints of a malt, a cherry on top and some of that floral nuttiness that used to exist in quality shakes. 


Strawberry cake is named after the cake my mom made year after year. Often the frosting was also pink, but as you can see in my 6 year birthday photo, she opted for chocolate frosting that year. This candle smells just like those delicious strawberry box cake mixes I loved, and which often sustained me. Living in Buffalo or Cleveland often meant the big blizzards on February 4th left the roads too dangerous to travel and little Tiffany stood by the window hoping for a friend to brave the weather and come have some cake with her. 


3 2.5 oz American grown sappy wood wick candles made from coconut and soy wax, hand-blended and hand-poured.

Memory Lane Candle Trio

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