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Created by an art historian obsessed with details, reverence for the past, and a deep appreciation for all of the sensory elements that go into making beautiful memories, Pineapple Home Apothecary is a unique combination of ancient or historic inspiration and cutting-edge scientific advancements in skincare. It is where research and nostalgia meet. Every product produces results and each is a pleasure to use. All fragranced products evoke a memory from a place in time or an historic artwork. 

Pineapple Home Apothecary was born when chemical solutions did not solve my family's skincare challenges. When I moved to a piece of land whose natural treasures inspired me, I began to research natural skincare and hone my skills creating answers to our skincare needs. Coupling my deep love of research, aesthetics and skincare, Pineapple Home Apothecary has challenged me to grow many of my own ingredients and formulate products with a nod to past traditions that produce the results I couldn't find elsewhere.

Countless hours of research, formulation and months of testing result in a product containing only result-oriented ingredients that are healthy for our bodies and respectful of the planet.

All packaging is recyclable or reusable. Be creative with your bottles and jars, or return them to be sterilized and refilled again.

As a mother of two, I am mindful of how our daily actions impact our environment and those with whom we share it. I am grateful for, and inspired by, our natural resources and our cultural treasures. To give back to the places that have made a deep impact on my life, I am proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to UNESCO World Heritage.


The "fine" print:

It is against FDA regulations to claim any products will "cure, treat, or heal" any health conditions. That said, many customers have stated demonstrated results from Pineapple Home Apothecary products. Your mileage may vary. I think you will love them and see benefits, but it is not legally permissible to guarantee results.

Sometimes shipping will be less than the USPS generated estimates, especially if one product is too large for a small box and too small for a medium box. In the event your calculated shipping is more than what it costs to ship, you will be refunded shipping charges immediately.

Terms and Conditions

All sales final.

No refunds or cancellations accepted.

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