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If you want to listen, my products have stories to tell. You won't find them to be basic, ordinary, or standard. You may love them for their performance, but you may also love them because they evoke feelings, spark memories, spur creativity, or create connections.

When I think of Ernest Hemingway, the great American author, I don't first think of "The Sun Also Rises" or "A Farewell to Arms", I think of how fully he lived, of his travels, of his potent relationships.

While in Key West, he lived in a stately home that was in disrepair when he moved in. He restored it to its original grandeur and it remains open as a museum. The large banana trees that surround it inspired the first candle in this trio: the banana aroma here is sophisticated, paired with jasmine, vanilla, and tiare blossom. It is gorgeous and tropical, but elevated.

Hemingway lived in Cuba for 22 years and wholeheartedly adopted its colorful culture while writing "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "The Old Man and the Sea." The Havana candle in this trio is a mixture of rum, bergamot, grapefruit, clove, tobacco, leather and amber. It is a heightened, sophisticated scent with depth, intrigue and balanced beauty.

I came to appreciate the artwork of Surrealist artist, Joan Miró from a very young age. His paintings left a deep imprint upon me as a child and I later was intrigued to learn that he and Hemingway were friends. Hemingway owned one of my favorite of his paintings and I have often imagined the two of them discussing art and culture over drinks. The Miró candle is somewhat evocative of a mojito or a traditional Cuban punch with notes of muddled mint, white rum, lime and hints of pineapple. It is fresh, festive, and unique.

This candle trio has something for everyone and is truly unisex. It's a great gift for book lovers, art lovers, travel buffs, or someone who appreciates unique finds. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Each candle is 2.5 oz

Hemmingway CandleTrio

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