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In 1602, the largest company to ever have existed, The Dutch East India Trading Company, or Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie, was founded as a global supply chain to trade goods with Mughal, India. The merchants traded spices, silks, and other highly precious objects. As the literal precursor to all modern-day corporations, the Dutch East India Trading Company was so powerful it had the ability to strike its own coins, wage war, and imprison convicts.


My Dutch East India candle is made of my personal blend of coconut and soy waxes. As its wooden wick crackles, your space will take you to 17th century spice markets as you are surrounded with the fragrances of raw cinnamon, clove, blue pumpkin, sweet apple, forest moss, pinecones, and carved oak wood. It is the perfect Fall/Winter scent and instantly sets both an inviting and mysterious mood in your space.


Glass vessel made in Ohio


Always pinch off or trim the blackened portion of your wick before relighting your candle to ensure the flame does not get too high.

Dutch East India Candle

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