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In june of 2000 I found myself at the Maurice Blank Palace, which until 2011 was the US Embassy in Bucharest. It was a warm early evening and the occasion was a reception to welcome a new ambassador, who would later become a member of the Romanian parliament. He was a friend of my mother and we were there on official business. I recall walking to the famed Italianate Palace on Tudor Arhezi and passing streets lined with linden trees prior to approaching an ivy bed and fountain. The embassy had a tennis court out back and I was lucky enough to be there when, at the start of the evening, Ilie Nastase (one of the most famous tennis players of all time) had a brief volley with the ambassador. It was quite an evening.


I was less interested in the political conversations than I was the atmosphere of the palace with its tennis court, green gardens, and gorgeous architecture. I haven't played tennis lately, but the smell of new tennis balls has always been something I love. I also happen to have planted 8 linden trees to line my driveway. They were an anniversary present from my parents.


Deuce is a gorgeous, fresh, unique take on that special evening in Bucharest.


Its notes are:


Linden blossom


Laurel and Ivy leaves



Fresh tennis balls


11 oz hand-blended and poured coconut and soy waxes with an American-grown fruitwood wick. 

Deuce Candle

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