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I brought a potted violet home from school in a red wagon when I was five and six to give to my mother for Mother’s Day. I have five lilac trees and acres of ferns in my yard. My daughter keeps fresh roses in her bedroom. I grew up with a ring of lilies of the valley around two of my childhood homes. And on and on.


The “language” of flowers is one I learned to speak in graduate school so that I could decipher the artist’s intentions when analyzing why certain flowers were depicted in paintings or tapestries. I now focus on where their distilled oils come from and think about the cultures that harvest their blossoms. I am inspired by the uses of what I grow myself and do believe that “perfumes are the feelings of flowers.” -Heinrich Heine.


In time for Mother’s Day, a collection of 12 clean-burning wooden wick candles with no phthalates, nothing synthetic, hand-blended wax and beautiful oils that tell single-note or complex stories.


2.5 oz coconut soy wax candle with American-grown fruitwood wick.


Bulgarian Rose

Plumeria Tuberose

Apothecary Rose

Orchid & Amber

Cassis Fig

Lily of the Valley






African Violet Tonka

Bouquet of Flowers Gift Box

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