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A gorgeous addition to your vanity, this blend of skin-loving oils and organic rose petals is like youth in a bottle because of the moisture and radiance it imparts to your skin.

Use it daily on your whole face, to moisturize dry spots on your body, mix with bath salts, drop a few drops into a warm bath or smooth onto body. Use a drop on the ends of dry hair to smooth. Over time you will have glowing skin that looks younger and will feel smoother.


Shake gently, drop a few drops into palms and press onto a clean face.


Squalane oil improves the moisture balance and elasticity in your skin. Our bodies naturally produce squalene, but the levels diminish as we age. It helps lessen acne, eczema and scars. This is olive-derived and does not clog pores like other derivatives.

Jojoba seed oil moisturizes and contains vitamins e and b. It also helps fight fungal infections. 

Rosehip seed oil is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that lighten dark spots and fine lines.

Bulgarian rose absolute fights inflammation and reduces anxiety. It is highly moisturizing.

Grape seed oil contains vitamin e and omega 6 fatty acids that fight free radicals and moisturize. 

1 oz


Shelf life: 1 year

Youth Serum

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