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My dad likes the smell of old leather....the bota bag he took hiking through Europe, the baseball glove he used as a young boy, his desk blotter, and the duffel bag my mom bought him in Spain. I love old great-grandmother's folio, my grandfather's cavalry boots, my old books. I condition these things so that my children can enjoy them when we are gone.


Scents carry memories for me and they are a big part of why I make what I do. I am nostalgic and enjoy being connected to things from my past. I made these Vintage Leather candles to evoke the feelings that those items bring me and to help remind those who will burn one of the importance of slowing down, recalling our past, and stepping back to the greatness of the times when people took their time, when things were stitched together with quality and intention.


11 oz hand-blended coconut and soy wax, American grown fruitwood wick.


Trim or pinch off blackened portion of wick before every time you re light your candle. Never burn for more than 2 hours. Never burn unattended or on an unsafe surface.

Vintage Leather Candle

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