For a small, but significant, portion of my childhood I grew up in an old house covered in ivy with an established cherry tree in the backyard. My neighbors, whose backyard was populated with honeysuckle vines that I enjoyed immensely, were intriguing to me. The man smoked tobacco from a pipe and his wife hung large bouquets of drying herbs from the ceiling in the little glass room off the back of their house. Their piano sat atop an oriental rug near their front door and I can distinctly recall the interesting, old and mysterious smell of their kitchen,which was in close proximity to the drying bouquets of herbs and the room in which the man would tamper his pipe. A small group of us walked to school those days, starting out on the sidewalk and then, when out of view of the parents who sent us off in the morning, we moved to the backyards, all established gardens, many with beautiful and delicate thorny bushes that snagged our raincoats if we weren't careful. These old houses had large trees and shrubs taller than our little heads and we loved to snake through the yards playing games as we ran. The sunlight didn't get to us because of these trees and so the yards all seemed secretive and enchanting. These secret gardens and the fragrances of the herbs and pipe and sweet cherry and honeysuckle inspired me to create the Tobacco & Bay Leaf candle, a unisex fragrance with notes of bay, fir, tobacco and bergamot.

 9.2 oz. Approximately 85 hours of burn time.


Wood wick candles sometimes need to be re lit. If the wax becomes more than 1/4" lower than the wick, pinch the blackened wick when it is cool to remove the burnt area and relight .


American grown soy wax, American grown fruitwood wick, Made in Ohio glass vessel. Candle hand-poured in small batches. 


Shelf life: 3 years.

Tobacco & Bay Leaf