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For those who love home fragrance, but want a flameless option, this gorgeous diffuser is the answer. My diffuser reeds are compostable. The fragrances are eco friendly and the mixing base is all natural. Not to mention, the stunning glass bottle is recylable (or reusable). 


Choose your fragrance and indicate in comments if you'd like reeds or a wood pulp flower. I'll choose the flower in place of the reeds if you want that option.


Fragrance options:


Apothecary Rose: Dark rose and labdanum; a sultry, captivating fragrance.


Maui: sugared fruit, my version of the Capri Volcano candle that everyone loves


Dutch East India: Your space will take you to 17th century spice markets as you are surrounded with the fragrances of raw cinnamon, clove, blue pumpkin, sweet apple, forest moss, pinecones, and carved oak wood. It is the perfect Fall/Winter scent and instantly sets both an inviting and mysterious mood in your space.


Frasier Fir: The winter classic


Beach House: Top notes: sea salt mist, key lime, aloeMiddle notes: dune grass, lemon blossom, coconutBase notes: coastal jasmine, driftwood.


Earl Grey: Just like the famed British tea.







Reed Diffuser

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