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Between the ages of 4 and 35 I spent the majority of my free time in art museums. My favorites are those with a storied past, marble floors, stone columns, dark corners with artworks that are lit with tiny focus lights and populated with remnants of ancient cultures. I love the opportunity to feel alone and sent back in time in a dark gallery or amid ancient coins and sarcophagi. I have spent time in the storage facilities, in the conservation labs, the private libraries where I was a graduate student, cloister gardens, and I have been in them after hours when they are closed to the public and the only sounds are my footsteps on the marble stairs or a string quartet or harpist if there were an evening function.

There is something very special to me about a museum beside its holdings. I love its very idea. As an art historian, my reverence for the past makes up a large part of who I am. I feel most like myself in a museum and wanted to create a candle that holds onto the feelings and memories I have from my time in museums from Sienna to Cleveland to Romania and everywhere in between.

MVSEO (Museo) is written in Italian as it would look inscribed on a marble temple in Roman font. It smells like the special evenings when I’ve walked the galleries wearing a perfume reminiscent of that which I believe would adorn the likes of many who commissioned the art I love, coupled with the scent of tobacco I’d smell in the streets or music halls I have frequented in far away cities after a day of research.

This candle (and a soap coming very soon) has a blend of tobacco, cinnamon, sandalwood, rum, citrus, wood and hay). It is masculine, feminine, spicy, smoky, and sweet and fills the air with an excitement for something special.


9 oz candle, American grown soy, American sappy fruitwood wick, Ohio made glass vessel, comes with black metal lid.


Wood wick candles often need to be lit a few times at first. Should your wax become lower than 1/4" from the top of the wick, gently pinch off the blackened tip of the wick when it is cool and re light.


Shelf life: 3 years.


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