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A silkening hand and body lotion made with all natural and organic ingredients, including vitamins and botanicals. This lotion creates a smoothness upon application and lasts for an impressive amount of time. With use you will see your skin look and feel softer and more visibly moisturized. 


Water, aloe vera, rice bran oil, glycerin, rapeseed oil, sea buckthorn berry, pro vitamin b5

8 oz


Please specify Apothecary Rose, Avocado, Bulgarian Rose, Fig, Lavender, Sfumato, Florence, or Lemon.


Apothecary Rose

is a stunning mixture of rose, pepper, vanilla, cumin, labdanum, and patchouli. 



is a unisex fragrance comprised of lavender, amber, vanilla, tonka bean and myrrh. It's sophisticated, a little sweet, and is the type of fragrance you might imagine Cleopatra, George Washington or a literary great wearing.


Bulgarian rose

Pure, true rose harvested from Bulgaria. Pineapple Home uses only the best Bulgarian rose absolute and essential oil and the rose-fragranced products are classic, classy, and intoxicating.



A gorgeous blend of fig, coconut, galbanum, amber, cedarwood, and tonka bean



 A lemon cream fragrance.



A mixture of Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandin grosso. Both fantastic varieties, lending all the benefits of Lavender (antiseptic and antibacterial) with the wonderful fragrance of the flower buds.



A gorgeous classic.



20 years ago I spent the Christmas holiday in Florence to visit my brother, who was living there at the time. I recall one extra special afternoon and evening we shared after a day of museum visits and long walks amid the cobblestones streets that were lit from above with strands of lights making the season feel even more magical. Darkness was closing in, and we were very cold, but we managed on our walk back to his apartment to fit in a visit to an apothecary, a paper marbler, a bookstore, a leather bookbinder, an herbal shop (and a stop for hot chocolate) before we finished off the evening with a glass of wine in his apartment. The olfactory experience of that evening is what inspired this fragrance for me. It is a unisex, slightly sweet, very complex, blend of bergamot, cinnamon, white rose, vanilla, tonka, cherry, cardamom and amber. It evokes something special, mysterious, and expensive.



Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Distilled Water, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil,Panthenol, Oat Extract, Buckthorn Extract, BTMS 50, Liquid Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Optiphen.


Shelf life: 1 year.

Hand & Body Lotion

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