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Amber exists on that fine line straddled by Science and Art. It has fascinated me for my entire life and the fragrancd of amber resin has always been a great love of mine.


My late grandmother grew up in the Outer Hebrides and was gifted a tiny bottle of perfume made on the island on which she lived as a little girl. That miniature perfume bottle was saved, even after she enjoyed its contents, for her entire life. I smelled it every single time I visited her. During those visits I slept on an ancient four posted bed with linens woven on that island in the pattern of her family tartan. Memorabilia from that far off place, and stories of its history affected me and had a strong influence on my chosen career and interests as an adult.


This candle is inspired by that little bottle of perfume, the ancient island of Barra, the mystery and lore surrounding the castle that belongs to her family, and the archaeology and flora of that unique land. It is gorgeous, intriguing, unisex, and perfect fot those who want to time travel to the ancient past of Scotland.


Top notes: citrus zest, tea rose, ocean mist, powder


Middle notes: cedar, white thyme, heather, lavender, white flowers


Base notes: amber resin, vetiver, patchouli


8 oz candle of hand-blended coconut and soy waxes, clean burning, no phthalates or chemicals. The American-grown wood wick will crackle as it burns. Be sure to pinch off the blackened portion of the wick before each time you re light it so the flame does not get too high and products smoke. 

Hebridean Amber

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