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Between the 17th and 19th centuries, wealthy young European men, as well as members of the landed gentry, embarked upon months-long trips through Europe, which became known as the Grand Tour. Rail travel made these trips easier and the men, and later, women, returned home with an education on European etiquette, an understanding of classical antiquity, and loads of souvenirs and well-worn guide books. In fact, domestic architecture was altered to accommodate the display of the books, paintings, sculptures.


The Grand Tour heavily influenced the art market as well as the subject matter and style of artworks. It promoted and furthered cartography and influenced science.

While the Grand Tour has waned in popularity, its influence remains. I personally have been hugely influenced by the history of it and scent memories I have from my European travels continue to inspire me.


This new candle trio is a collection of experiences inspired by a perfect day in Paris.

The morning begins with breakfast at the Ritz, which includes notes of lavender, bergamot, roasted coffee, amber vanilla and tonka bean. It's a perfect and classy home fragrance that instantly transform you to a richly-upholstered and appointed room that exudes luxury.


Leave the Ritz satiated and take a stroll through the stunning Jardin des Tuileries, the lush and fragrant gardens between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. Spend some time reading about or, better yet, strolling through this Edenic portion of Paris and take note of the lily, cyclamen, and fresh green notes.


Spend the evening at the Palais Garnier, Paris' glittering jewel of an opera house. This candle smells like Tom Ford's Black Orchid, which is what I would wear among the gorgeous mosaics and frescoes while taking in a performance under the gilded architectural masterpiece.

Grand Tour Paris Candle Trio

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