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In 1688, Louis XIV issued a law that Savon de Marseille soap only be used to describe olive oil soaps. Traditionally made with olive oil and water from the Mediterranean sea, this is one of the purest soaps anywhere, with a history that dates back to 1370. 


Pineapple Home Apothecary's Castile soap is stamped with the same stamp used traditionally in France and made with pure olive oil, sea salt brined water. Once saponification occurs only those ingredients remain. 



Cured for a year and made of sea salt water and olive oil pure, this ancient recipe soap is multi-purpose. Use it on face, hands, body or even laundry, it is very gentle and smells subtly of the pure olive oil from which it was made. 

For laundry, rub on spot and launder as usual or, if the stain is severe, rub the soap in with a dry laundry brush before laundering.


Ingredients: Olive Oil Pure, Sea Salt Water.


Shelf life: 3 years

Castile Soap, 1688

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