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In the late 1700s and early 1800s Golden Shred, an Orange Marmalade company, and Buchan Portobello, a pottery company, made and sold stoneware in what would become famed factories in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire and Edinburgh. Golden Shred Marmalade is still in production.

In honor of the forthcoming of Earth Day, I now have the ultimate and most interesting form of bespoke recycling I have encountered: stoneware pots from these two studio factories literally excavated for me, and then imprinted with a custom-designed antique apothecary-style logo, and glazed, carted off from England to Ohio, and filled with my hand-blended combination of soy and coconut wax and a crackling wood wick.

Once your candle is gone, I can refill this antique keepsake with another candle, you can use it for pencils, a few wooden spoons, or display it on your mantel. You very likely won't find another 200-250 year old candle vessel anywhere else.

I am so excited about the way in which these have been unearthed just for me. No two are alike, they are perfectly imperfect, and make an truly unique conversation piece. The jars alone, without my custom imprint, sell at auction for $100 upwards when they are found.

Antique Stoneware Pot Candle

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