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With vessels Made in Ohio, coconut and soy wax made in the USA, and wicks made from American-grown fruitwood trees, the range of these candles offer something for everyone. Wood wick candles produce no carbon soot, making them a clean-burning alternative to regular wick candles. They make excellent gifts and, when paired with this beautiful lighter, are great to hand to your hostess, your friend, or a teacher.


Cinnamon Star: Named after Zimtsterne, the German cinnamon star cookie, this candle smells like cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, tobacco, bergamot, saffron, orange and grapefruit. It’s the holiday season in a jar and will set the mood instantly!

Almond: A sweet, authentic classic.

Nutcracker: Peppermint and dark chocolate offer an intense, gorgeous celebration of the season mixed with a hint of cream.

Pumpkin Chai: As its name implies, this is fall in a jar. This smells just like the Pumpkin Chai your favorite barista makes and your home, or that of its recipient, will instantly smell inviting and festive.

Tobacco & Bay Leaf: A classic scent for fall or winter.

Art Historical

Museo: MVSEO (Museo) is written in Italian as it would look inscribed on a marble temple in Roman font. It smells like the special evenings when I’ve walked the galleries wearing a perfume reminiscent of that which I believe would adorn the likes of many who commissioned the art I love, coupled with the scent of tobacco I’d smell in the streets or music halls I have frequented in far away cities after a day of research.This candle (and a soap coming very soon) has a blend of tobacco, cinnamon, sandalwood, rum, citrus, wood and hay). It is masculine, feminine, spicy, smoky, and sweet and fills the air with an excitement for something special.

Kuppelhalle: My favorite place in all of Vienna is the Kuppelhalle inside the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Surrounded by Klimt and Bruegel paintings and coins of Livia. The Kulppelhalle often smells like Viennese coffee, caramel, cinnamon and vanilla. They serve fantastic food and drink in the most gorgeous setting. To me, it is magical. This candle evokes that space for me, a buttery caramel coffee with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. It includes essential oils from Indonesia, Brazil, the United States and Sri Lanka. If this is not the perfect kitchen candle, hostess candle or coffee/gourmand lovers candle, I don’t know what is.

Water lily: Named for the series by Claude Monet, this American-grown soy candle with American-grown wood wick has notes of violet, cucumber water, bergamot, lemon and musk. This gorgeous scent evokes the mood of the large Water Lily paintings I studied as a child in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Sfumato: Named for the technique used by Leonardo Da Vinci to combine shades and tones to allow elements in a painting to softly fade into one another. Scented with lavender, black amber, myrr, tonka bean and Egyptian musk. It is a sultry unisex fragrance.

Sumi: Fragranced with coconut milk, cinnamon, bergamot, black pepper, musk and cedar wood. It is the most sultry, addicting blend. This candle is a dark gray, evocative of the Japanese ink for which it is named.

Herbal & Floral

Beeswax: As its name implies, this is made of all-natural beeswax, with a small amount of coconut and soy wax blended in for smoothness and ease of burn. You'll love this sweet, very mild scent and also appreciate that the negative ions created from the burning of beeswax clean the air by attaching to the positive ions in dust, mold, and pollutants.

Tomato Leaf: This fragrance of tomato leaves is balanced with lemon peel, basil, thyme, green leaves and moss. It’s amazing, nostalgic and so unique.

Wild Mint: This American grown soy wax and American grown wood wick candle crackles when it burns the most beautiful wild mint smell you'll find. Spearmint, tomato leaf, mint, wood and powder notes combine to create a pure and unique fragrance. Includes essential oils of: Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Cornmint and Armoise oil.

Lilac: As its name implies, this candle smells bright and classic.

Bulgarian Rose: Easily one of the most gorgeous fragrances on earth.

Apothecary Rose: Apothecary Rose, the most unique, stunning, complex rose fragrance. Black rose combines with pink peppercorn, cumin, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, and grapefruit.Labdanum comes from the resin of the rockrose and is mentioned in Exodus as an ingredient for holy incense. It has been used since antiquity to make herbal remedies and perfume. Combined with black rose, this fragrance is nothing short of spectacular.

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